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Owning a Chihuahua FAQ

Owning a chihuahua is an adventure.

They'll steal your socks, bite your besties pants, sleep all day, and secretly try to pee in the kitchen.

The questions below are the most commonly asked about chihuahuas on Google.  

Chihuahua owners are in for a treat (good boy!) to find that they are not alone! After purchasing these fearless tiny dogs, and all the dog accessories we could imagine, we all seem to have the same questions about chihuahuas. And our answers are a combination of random thoughts and research to explain why our little rascals behave the way they do.

After some thorough research and cross-examination of results, we've decided to give you the both the silly answer, and then the one that is most likely true.

Hopefully you enjoy our sense of humor -- because what type of chihuahua owner could afford not to have one!

Note that all answers have been sourced from personal experience and the occasional reliable online resources (e.g. Cesar Millan