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Here are the Best Chihuahuas on Instagram. Follow Them.

If you aren't following these famous chihuahuas on Instagram, you're missing out.

Here's a list of our favorite dogs who are showing the world why chihuahuas are truly amazing creatures. Comical, adorable, with huge personalities. Instagram was practically made for these chis. 

1. @tunameltsmyheart

Tuna has the best overbite we've ever seen. And the biggest personality out there. With over two million followers, we shouldn't have to convince you too hard to follow him. But if you need another reason, Tuna is also a huge fan of chihuahua art, and features a new piece of work every week. Follow #tunaintrepretations to view the artwork. 

2. @the_kardoggians

Meet Kimchi, a senior rescue chihuahua, and her sister, Cupid. They are seriously fabulous, because what other chihuahua can say they flew to Paris for a Chanel photoshoot?? We are literally drooling over these long-tongued-derpy chihuahuas, along with their 161K followers.  

3. @dog_dada

This is the type of chihuahua that my mom would say "it's not real, it's animated!". And honestly, this chi is so picture perfect that we aren't surprised that it have over 138K followers. Big eyes, perky ears, symmetrical coloring. We are obsessed ❤️

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4. @mervinthechihuahua

Mervin. Best 👏name 👏ever 👏 But really, this is a textbook chihuahua. Huge ears, an extra long tongue, fits in your jacket, wide-eyed and of course, a senior rescue. We love his fashion sense, fall & winter wardrobe, and his taste for Starbucks. Stay toasty up there in NYC, your 126K Instagram followers are sending you warm hugs.  

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