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The Perfect Gifts for The Chihuahua Lover In Your Life

It's hard to find the right gift for your favorite chihuahua lover. The options are usually cheap, ugly, bland, or just really tacky. We've explored the depths of Amazon, Etsy and a few other online stores to bring you the ultimate guide for every hardcore chihuahua fan. 

Stay tuned for a gift guide that has the best holiday products for the best dog ever -- the chihuahua. 

Chihuahua Themed Gifts Under $25

Salt & Pepper Shakers - Kissing Chihuahuas - $11-13

Some of the cutest salt and pepper shakers online right now. Unless you prefer teacup sized chihuahuas in teacups kissing. These salty (and peppery) dogs will make that coworker who displays their chihuahua's photos on their desk so happy when they open your secret santa gift. Or these two little pups will just make your friend smile every time they happen to be in the kitchen. These also make great house warming presents, too! Shop these salt & pepper shakers here


For the Bake Offs - Chihuahua Cookie Cutter - $14.79

When you give a gift like this to your baking friends and fam, you'll be receiving thank you cookies forever. As mentioned in the reviews, chihuahua fans can't wait to make a whole batch that look like their beloved pups. The cookie cutter is cute, reliable and makes delicious treats (dog or human friendly). Shop these shiny chihuahua cookie cutters now.


Brighten Up Their Workday - Chihuahua Paper Clips - $18.90

Buy all of them before we do! These chihuahua paper clips are golden, making every mundane meeting agenda or homework assignment something special. Their reviews are proof that the tiniest gift, sometimes make for the best gift. The chihuahua clips have 5-star reviews and have been called "cute, sturdy, and darling". Spoiler: They also have other dogs and cats clips! Shop these Dog Clips now.  



Moving on Up - Chihuahua Street Sign

This signs comes in four different sizes, depending on how much your friend, coworker or family member loves their little chi. Go big, and say the size represents their dog's personality or go small, and say it's proportionate to their tiny pup.

Shop all sizes here >> Chihuahua Street Sign


For Taco Tuesdays - Chihuahua Taco Holder


We don't know why anyone is using plastics dinosaurs to hold their crispy tacos, when they could we using this ceramic chihuahua. Celebrate the chi's heritage and enjoy! This item is currently out of stock, but add it to your wish list >> Ceramic Chihuahua Taco Holder


Chihuahua Themed Gifts Under $100


For The Home Or Garden - Hand Painted (Good or Bad) Chihuahua - $49.99-$59.99

These chihuahuas look tiny, but they are actually 5X7" and make for a great as an accent piece in a garden, a centerpiece for a Cinco de Mayo party, or just a cute home accessory. Exceptionally packaged, as mentioned in the reviews, so you don't have to worry about it being shipped all the way from Mexico. Want a misbehaving chihuahua instead? Here's a ceramic chi who can't wait to take a piss on your flowers >> Shop Bad Ceramic Chihuahua Now.


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