About Sleepy Chi

Chihuahuas are the best. And we create beautiful and unique items for their owners. 

Premium and high quality art prints, chic home decor, and cute accessories inspired by real life chihuahuas. Our products make great gifts for chihuahua lovers everywhere.

Why Chihuahuas?

sleeping-chihuahua-dogFrenchies, dachshunds, pugs, they are all fine, but there's something about chihuahuas that make our hearts melt when they're sleeping on us, make us laugh when their tongues are hanging out, or make us tense up when they go for a strangers ankles.

But just because you don't love the typical basic pooch or doodle combo that doesn't mean hunting down a tasteful gift should be hard. We make products that actually look great, for those who share the same level of taste and affection for the brave chihuahua.


Who We Are

Hey there, fellow chihuahua lovers! I'm Allison (and of course, Falco) and welcome to our shop.

Combining the love for our chihuahua mix, art, and tech, Sleepy Chi was born.

I've always been on the look out for great items that represent my fondness for my pet, and honestly, I could never find something I loved. So we decided to create more beautiful things in the world, specifically for a group of dog owners that don't get a lot of  attention in the market. Inspired by real life, everyday chihuahuas, we design art and decor for people just like us. Enjoy!